Roadmap: Battle Royale First! MMO Second
Another Battle Royale Coming Soon!

We are proud to announce that we are moving into the final weeks of Private Alpha. Private Alpha: 100% Complete…

New Engine, New Approach
battle royale fantasy medieval renaissance

With the introduction of Epic’s “Fortnite: Battle Royale” came massive improvements to Unreal Engines 4 network handling and large player…

Blight MMO Images from the Past

Take a look at some of our images from the past. Some images are from 2011.

Blight MMO Youtube Channel
youtube blight mmo

All of our video media is for your viewing pleasure on our youtube channel. Come enjoy the journey with us…

Item Placement and Locking Down
custom built tavern

Placing items in a 3D world can be extremely difficult to engineer. From the load balancing to avoiding exploits there…

Dungeon Brainstorm

I have been meaning to write this concept down for some time but the recent release of Dark Souls 3…

First Precast FX preview

Fire, Poison, Energy, Ice Precasts Relaunch

 This project has been in perpetual development since 2010. We have always had this itch to make our version of Ultima Online/Darkfall….