The Game

Blight MMO is a cruel medieval fantasy set in a large seamless world infected by a blight. Savages have adapted to the this harsh environment and harnessed the newly found materials. Iron Age Warriors have learned to control these materials while conjuring them into blessings and curses. The fight rages to control these new materials. 

Free For All PvP FPS MMO

FFA PvP within a large open worlds that has sieging and lands to control is our #1 concern. Our FPS approach is both first person and over the shoulder depending on your play style. Protect your friends and slaughter your foes while conquering the resources around the Blight. Only venture with what you can afford to lose.


Within the City Of Blight you can queue for Arenas. This is a fast way to get into combat without a huge time sink. Arenas can have a hardcore mode toggled where after the Arena is over the winner gets the spoils of the losers. Bets for gold can also be placed on Arenas.

This will also serve as an alpha combat tester which is why some attention will be placed into an Instanced Arena system now.

Character Loadout



4 different Armor slots can affect your characters combat effectiveness and are always shown on top of any possible aesthetic items.   

Head, Chest, Gloves, Pants

Aesthetic Clothing

These are items that do not affect your characters combat effectiveness at all but does alter how your character appears. This includes things like Shirts, Leggings, Hats, Shoes, Gloves, Earrings, etc. 


There are two Skill categories, Combat and General(Crafting/Gathering). Skills are gained based on actions performed. Skills can be lowered and raised to the characters Max Skill at anytime to allow custom Characters but my cost some penalty.


Claim your land with a Foundation, Build your House in the editor, Fill it with your Loot, Defend it from your balcony.

 The Housing System will allow players to create their own style house within the game. We 

intend to have a large selection of House Objects. Consume a House Object Recipe to gain the ability to

craft that wall type in the

House Editor. Already know the recipe? Put it on your Vendor and sell it for gold.


Band together with other players to conquer the lands in under one common name. Forge alliances with other clans and factions to boost your support. 

Clan Holdings

Clans control areas to show their dominance while reaping the rewards of the land. Controlling surrounding lands is crucial to defending the Holdings. Claim your stake and hold onto it.


Clans can contest holdings by dropping Siege Stones. Siege Stones initiate a 48 Hour Timer until the Siege begins. Once the Siege begins the Defending Clan has 1 hour to destroy the Stone. After the first hour the attacking Clans have 2 hours to destroy the Holdings Stone while still defending their Siege Stones. 


4 main factions have claimed homelands around the Blight and governed their own law of the land. Clans can align themselves with these factions to extend their reach and collect the rewards of the lands. Citizens can abide by the rules of a factions land to their gain trust and protection. 


Karma influences your allegiance to a faction. There are 5 different Karma Categories, 4 for each faction and 1 general. Each with their own set of Karma Types. Follow a factions rules to gain their trust or don’t and have a heavy bounty placed on your head!


Raid the outskirts of cities to gain more resources. Towns around the world have global timers until they can be claimed by individuals or clans again. Claiming Towns awards great wealth.


Wonder through villages to find lore, tasks and other general game mechanics that can be mixed into these outpost.

Our Story

This game is fueled by passion. The passion to create a game that provides the same thrill that Ultima Online did to me as a 12 year old playing their first online game in a harsh cruel world of PvP and Free For All Loot.

I learned to program at an early age scripting EasyUO code.

I quickly moved into web development and have been working in the field ever since. 20+ years.

The last decade I have been heavily involved in studying the approaches of making an MMO and Game Design.