Introduction To The Developer

Hey Guys,

I have been a developer since Ultima Onlines 3rd Anniversary when I picked up scripting with EasyUO at age 12. Since then I have moved into full stack development as a career.

The past decade I have had the ability and passion to create the MMO of my childhood dreams and I feel I am finally to the point where I have a solid MMO system base.  In its current state it is more than vaporware as it could be ran as a simple MMO but I will continue to pour my passion into the project and build out the game.

Your donations go into supporting the hosting cost and any other costs that come along with creating such a robust system.

In the end if I can not afford to continue production or hosting I will release the dedicated server and then eventually the source code to allow the community to carry the project beyond my imagination.

Hopefully I will never stop working on this project and hope to have at least a basic server up at all times in the coming future

I have twitched stream endless hours over the past 7 years on developing MMO systems. Well over 3k hours streamed of just game development, 600 in the past year. I would say I develop 30% on stream and the rest is off stream.

I am unsure of how I will monetize the game specifically at the moment but I know it will be AESTHETICS ONLY that are non combat affecting.

If you want to learn more please join up on our discord and join our discussions!

Special Thanks

Felucca & TarTarTiara

TO: TarTarTiara
This project is possible with the love & support.

It is really hard to support a passion project and she makes it that much easier!

I Love You.

TO: Keenan Cahill

Your sounds brought the game to life!

Thank you for your hard work and insane turn around time!

TO: Deja & CT

Your assistance through all this has been one of a kind and extremely helpful.

Shrines will be placed in your honor! 😛