Dungeon Brainstorm

I have been meaning to write this concept down for some time but the recent release of Dark Souls 3 has really given me the motivation!

Dungeons will be split into specific areas. You first start at the Dungeon Entrance, find a Dungeon Path that leads to a Dungeon Portal. Take the Dungeon Portal to the Dungeon Chamber.

  1. Entrance
    1. All Dungeons will have a Dungeon Entrance Area.
    2. Areas will be open and have normal spawn.
    3. There will be multiple Entrances and spawns around the entrances.
  2. Paths
    1. Paths lead to a Dungeon Portal
    2. Paths have a series of monster and gates that you must kill in order to progress to the next area.
      1. A player with hiding and evasion can evade through rooms. Only 1 person can evade through a room at a time. (more info coming)
    3. Some areas can be looked in upon from players still inside the Dungeon Entrance Area or from within other Rooms inside the Dungeon Path.
    4. Multiple Paths can lead to a Dungeon Portal
    5. Some Dungeons may have multiple Dungeon Portals as well.
    6. Travel is disabled inside Paths
  3. Dungeon Chambers
    1. Dungeon Portals lead to Dungeon Chambers
    2. Has specific exits and entrances
    3. Travel is disabled inside
    4. Key Chests Spawn
    5. Rares Spawn
    6. Loot is higher
    7. No Shrine for resurrection
    8. Leaving a Dungeon Chamber places you outside the start of Paths


Dungeon Entrances are meant for an easy place to farm, able to easily recall in and out of.

Dungeon Paths begin to increase the difficulty by disabling travel and in some cases locking you into a room where you either have to kill the monsters or die yourself.

Dungeon Chambers are the high tier PvE areas. Like Paths each have their own unique appeal and traps!


Progression through Dungeon Paths should take 5-10 minutes. Its main purpose to prevent players from blazing through trash AI that needs to be bound to a box to avoid exploiting. Creating gated rooms prevents this and forces the players to engage the AI. As well it creates risk knowing that you are trapped in that room and there are ways people can invade you in that room if you are not fast enough.

Dungeon Concept Work


Concept and Ideas Piece: Ideas in this article are from a free form thinking perspective and meant for documentation, not implementation. An article will be published discussing implementation in the future.