Roadmap: Battle Royale First! MMO Second
Another Battle Royale Coming Soon!

We are proud to announce that we are moving into the final weeks of Private Alpha.

Private Alpha:

100% Complete (polishing last touches before releasing internally)

  1. Create a Battle Royale Game Mode complete from start to finish.
  2. Create a Magic Casting System that handles:
    1. 4 basic ability types:
      1. Balls
      2. Bolts
      3. AoE
      4. Self
    2. Damage Types
      1. Fire
      2. Ice
      3. Poison
      4. Energy
      5. Piercing
      6. Bludgeoning
      7. Concussion
      8. Physical
  3. Create an inventory system with:
    1. Competitive looting
    2. Grave system for player death
    3. Drop items on the ground
    4. Compare Armor in Bag to Armor Worn on Mouse Over.
    5. All the standard MMO actions
  4. Create a Item Chest Spawn System for random item spawns.
  5. Create a Character Combat System with Alive/Downed/Death states.

First Alpha Looks

Blight MMO Alpha Abilities List


Private Beta:

  1. Add Mounts for Faster Travel
  2. Add Maneuver system for Melee Combat
  3. Create Server Management Application for Matchmaking Level Server to have access to a command line
  4. Create persistent accounts /  Rails Application for public interface and back end calls.
  5. Complete dynamic character armor sets
  6. Complete Map in all areas
  7. Rework Minimap

Public Beta:

  1. Create public interface for account creation
  2. Extend the Server Management Application
  3. Steam Store integration
  4. Worry about server costs

and so much more to come!


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