New Engine, New Approach
battle royale fantasy medieval renaissance

With the introduction of Epic’s “Fortnite: Battle Royale” came massive improvements to Unreal Engines 4 network handling and large player rendering capability.

Felucca Studios felt this was a perfect time to switch to UE4 and change our approach for production.

Battle Royale game mode encompasses everything we wish to achieve for our siege mechanics in what was our planned MMO.
So we think this is the best starting point considering the engines capabilities at this time.
Don’t take us for cheats either we are still building all our systems for an MMO!

Our end game is to build an MMO with these features:

  • FPS Based
  • Free to Play
  • Full Loot PVP
  • Medieval Fantasy
  • Large Scale Sieges
  • Custom Clan Holdings
  • Seamless Open World
  • Custom Player Housing

Our main focus at this time will be creating the Battle Royale Game Mode which eventually will be a math making queue in the MMO.

We have currently built 2 add-ons that are on the marketplace and working on the 3rd, Dedicated Inventory System, right now.

You can check out our progress on the independent systems at: Felucca Studios

You can also check out our Unreal Engine Market Place Profile