One Handed Blunt
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One handed blunts are heavy chunks of metal meant to inflict the most bludgeoning force damage to the opponent, causing concussions and breaking armor easily and leaving mages with out the ability to regenerate mana.

Used by the brute like, wielding a one handed blunt weapon will keep you off the radar at a distance but allow you to focus and . Waiting to strike and take down the tanks first and then making easy work of the mages left defenseless. Just watch for the enemies blades draining your stamina and you should be able to stand ground in any battle.

The main focus around the abilities is to decrease the players movement while causing large damage output and drain mana from anyone in its way. A few snares/slows should be included to allow the player to keep their opponent from being unable to run away.

Damage Types: Bludgeoning, Concussion, Destruction